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When a Student is absent from school for medical reasons, a parent should call the school in the morning. In addition, a parent should send a note to school upon the students' return, stating the date(s) and reason for the students' absence.  City Hill's Main number is:  (203)720-5250.  

If you need to get in contact with one of our school nurses, they are available 7:30-2:40.  Our School Nurses are Mrs. Clarke (203-720-5246)  and Mrs. Albert.  


Prescriptions and medications, including over the counter medications, to be taken in school must be in the original container, accompanied by the authorization form signed by the doctor and parent. A parent or guardian must bring the medication to the nurse.

Immunization Requirements: *Grade 7

1. Meningococcal Vaccine
2. Tdap Vaccine

*If these requirements are not met, the student will not be permitted to begin his/her grade 7 school year.



10/2016  Food Statement for Schools

Non-food items are recommended for birthday and holiday celebrations. Foods brought from home must have a food label on them so the ingredients can be reviewed for potentially hazardous ingredients. No baked items will be allowed in classrooms. You will be notified each year if specific food items will be excluded in your child's classroom activities based on the individual medical needs of children in that classroom. Children are discouraged from sharing foods with other children during meal and snack times due to concerns about allergies and other restrictions on some children's' diets.


New Epipen Law

In 2015, there were changes in legislation for the administration of the Epi-Pen. Public Act 14-176. The changes were designed to protect all students with a potential life- threatening allergy. The purpose is to provide emergency first aid to a student who experiences an allergic reaction even if the student does not have a prior written authorization for the administration of epinephrine. This Act allows trained staff to deliver an Epi-Pen to a student with an allergy who presents with signs and symptoms of a severe allergic reaction. Under the revised law, a student's parent or guardian may submit a written directive to the school nurse to prohibit the administration of epinephrine to such student each school year. If you chose to do so, or have any questions, please contact your school nurse.