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Mezzo, Eileen Principal
Chuka, Deanna Assistant Principal
Deitelbaum, Tiffany Assistant Principal

Adams, Shelby 7th Grade Language Arts
Albert, Barbara School Nurse
Baker, Michelle Special Education
Banti, Meaghan 7th Grade Language Arts
Barney, Sherylann 8th Grade Math
Barton, Stephen 8th Grade Resource/Special Services
Beck, Michele Choral Music and General Music
Boesel, Deborah Instructional Aide
Bosco, Catherine Reading Consultant
Bozzuto, Lori 7th Grade Language Arts
Buyers, Katrina Special Education
Capuciati, Jayne 8th Grade Resource/Special Services
Caselli, Annette 7th Grade Social Studies
Castillo, Lesa World Language
Chuka, Deanna Assistant Principal
Clarke, Mary School Nurse
Conrod, Joann Speech Pathologist
Cyr, Sarah 8th Grade Science
Deitelbaum, Tiffany Assistant Principal
Diaz, Reynaldo 7th Grade Science
Dravis, Kathy 7th and 8th Grade Band
Gray, Jason 8th Grade Social Studies
Guerra, Geri Special Education
Gyolai, Maria School Secretary
Kimberly, Lisa 7th Grade Language Arts
Kostas, Demetrios Social Worker
Laurentus, Carolyn 8th Grade Language Arts
Leonard, Lisa 7th Grade Language Arts
Litewka, Laura 8th Grade Language Arts
Maher, Kara School Psychologist
Mele, Michelle 8th Grade Science
Mezzo, Eileen Principal
Mitchell, Claire 7th grade Math
Molinaro, Katie Social Worker
Moore, Rebecca Math Coach
Murphy, Ian 8th Grade Language Arts
Nagurney, Amanda 8th Grade Math
Nauber, Kathleen 7th and 8th Grade Physical Education
Nolan, Kaitlyn 7th Grade Social Studies
Perez, Javiar 7th Grade Math
Pinho, Maria School Secretary
Prygoda, Wayne 8th Grade Social Studies
Raymond, Holly 7th Grade Science
Rinaldi, Christina 7th and 8th Grade Art
Rowe, Mariisa 8th Grade Science
Savarese, Joseph Instructional Aide
Scheithe, Fred Girls Basketball Coach
Schofield, Melissa School Secretary
Sill, Debra School Security
Smith, Scott School Security
Snyder, Erica School Counselor: Last names A-L
Stephens, Alison 7th and 8th Grade Technology Education
Sullivan, Francesca 7th and 8th Grade World Languages
Tabor, Rob Instructional Aide
Tafuto, Denise School Counselor: students with last names beginning with M-Z
Theroux, Joe 7th Grade Language Arts
Theroux, Tracy Special Education
Tousignant, Tom 8th Grade Social Studies
Trotta, David 7th Grade Social Studies
Tyminski, Cara 8th Grade Language Arts
Urban, Kathleen Library Media Specialist
Vaccaro, Lisa Art
Warren, Sean 7th and 8th Grade Physical Education
Wilkes, Christopher 7th grade Math
Williams, Debbie 7th Grade Resource/Special Services
Williams, Joseph 8th Grade Math

Anctil, Casey Building Substitute
Boesel, Deborah Instructional Aide
Boutot, Cathleen Instructional Aide
Brouillette, Reggie Instructional Aide
Drewry, Greg Instructional Aide
Giordano, Jennie Instructional Aide
Greco, Susan Instructional Aide
Hayden, Kerri Instructional Aide
Rebelo, Domingas Instructional Aide
Robinson, Caryn Instructional Aide
Savarese, Joseph Instructional Aide
Shupenis, Cindy Instructional Aide
Sill, Debra School Security
Smith, Scott School Security
Uva, Toni Instructional Aide