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Mrs.  Eileen  Mezzo
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year


Dear Parents and Families,


I am privileged to work with all of the wonderful students of City Hill Middle School. At City Hill Middle School we value and embody the district mission.


Our mission is to create a community of learners who:

  • Are responsible and engaged community members

  • Demonstrate initiative, persistence and adaptability

  • Are curious and value risk taking as part of the learning process

  • Access and analyze information and formulate an opinion

  • Communicate effectively

  • Work individually and on teams to solve real world problems


I  want to provide some information to ensure a successful 2017-2018 academic year.  


Positive Behavior Support System -CHMS ROCKS

We will again implement our school wide behavioral and academic expectations, the CHMS ROCKS program. (The acronym stands for Respect, Organization, Cooperation, Kindness and Safety) In an extended homeroom during the first week of school, teachers will deliver lessons that explicitly teach our school wide expectations in each of the following settings: cafeteria, bus, auditorium, hallways, classroom and in the math lab. Additionally, we will specifically teach the rationale and rules of our electronic and attendance policies. We will host a back to school kickball tournament for students and faculty on September 28th. The game will reinforce the expectations and generate excitement around creating a positive school climate. Each month our Wingman Squadron leaders in conjunction with the faculty will teach lessons based on the ROCKS to the student body. We believe when everyone understands and adheres to the expectations, City Hill Middle School ROCKS!


Partnering for a Culture of High Expectations

The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging.  The middle school and high school teachers will engage in regular professional dialogue to ensure consistent practices and expectations.  A panel of students, faculty and parents collaboratively worked to create a set of learner dispositions for students, educators and families.  The learner disposition outlines how educators and families can partner to support high expectations for students.  We will refer to the learner disposition regularly in an attempt to raise the bar for all.

Strive for Less than Five Program

We will employ an incentive program to encourage students to strive for less than five absences in one school year.  Students will sign the pledge to get to school each day and keep absences to under five for the school year. Students will be celebrated regularly for maintaining consistent attendance. We recognize the need to utilize parent and community resources to address our problem of chronic absenteeism. Parents interested in joining with our school and Naugatuck Youth Services to help our students attend school daily should email the assistant principal, Mrs. LaChance at


Morning Arrival/Drop Off Procedures

Students riding the bus to school will be dropped off in the back. This is a change from last year. Students who would like breakfast will enter through the cafeteria doors. Students eligible for free or reduced lunch are reminded their eligibility includes breakfast.  All other students riding the bus will enter the side doors and walk directly to homeroom.  Students who ride in with a parent will be dropped off in the front this year.  We will have our new security guard directing parents to the front of the building.  Parents can arrive as early as 7:25 AM, but students are not permitted to be dropped off until 7:40 AM.  We ask that parents who arrive early turn their engines off to adhere to the anti-idling policy.


Attendance Policy

Connecticut General Statute 10-184 requires that each parent or other person having control of a child is obligated to cause the child to attend school regularly during the hours and terms the public school is in session.

This law is based on the fact that regular daily attendance, arriving on time, and completing each school day is critical for success in school. Time lost from class tends to be irretrievable in terms of opportunity for instructional interaction.


Naugatuck Board of Education policy (5113.1) requires that children are to be in school except in cases of illness or injury, death in the immediate family, religious obligation, an emergency, or exceptional circumstances.


Parents are requested to call the school office by 8:30 AM if their child will be absent from school that day.  Parents who do not contact the office will be called at home, or if necessary, at work to confirm an absence.  

The Board policy, with respect to unexcused absences, states that a “truant” means a child who has four unexcused absences in one month or ten unexcused absences in one year. The school will work with the parents to improve attendance rather than impose punitive measures; however, when all options have been exhausted, a referral to legal authorities is required.


Tardy Policy

Students should not arrive at school before 7:40 AM.  Walkers may enter the building when the bus students enter at 7:40 AM.  Upon entering the building, students should go to their lockers and then report to their homerooms by 7:55 AM.  Homeroom periods will be used to take attendance, distribute and collect material, and relay information concerning upcoming events and activities.


Students who arrive to school after the 7:55 AM bell are considered tardy and must report to the Guidance Office with a parent/guardian.  Documentation must be provided to the office for the tardy to be excused.  Doctor's note, court papers, etc.)


Three unexcused tardies in one trimester will result in a Make It Right  after school.  A Make It Right will be assigned for each incident thereafter.



Every seventh grade student must have a physical, on file in the nurse’s office, dated July 1, 2016 or later in order to attend on the first day of school. The physical form must include evidence the student has received the DTAP and Menactra vaccines. Physical forms may be faxed to the school (203) 720-5256,  mailed to 441 City Hill Street or dropped off in the CHMS main office this summer.

All students interested in playing a sport need to have a physical on file in the nurse’s office that is not older than 1 year from the start of the sport.  The physical must remain current during the season, or you will need to get one during the season.


Power Down/Achievement Up

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation teens are spending eight hours a day on electronic devices. The addiction to technological devices is real. Educators and parents are charged with monitoring the use of cell phones and social media. When teens limit the amount of time spent on electronic devices, they sleep better, reduce anxiety, and improve interpersonal skills resulting in improved academic performance and relationships. This year we will invite students to participate in a challenge activity to reduce the amount of time they are connected to electronic devices.  The challenge will provide students with a menu of restrictions they can elect.  We challenge students to commit to one of the choices for the month of September.  After September, students may choose to continue to win the title of “Cell Survivor” in their homeroom. The students in each homeroom who stays in the challenge the longest will win an award.


Electronic Policy

At CHMS, electronic devices are permitted, but must be turned off and out of sight during academic class time. We urge parents to call the office when relaying a message to students. Please avoid texting and receiving texts from the student directly; students will be discouraged from checking their phone. Presently the cell phone is the number one academic disruption. Students who violate the policy will lose the privilege of carrying their electronic device for the rest of the school year.  Those students will need to submit the device daily in the office before homeroom and pick it up at the end of the day.


Dress Code

All students at City Hill Middle School must adhere to a student dress code.  They should be dressed and groomed in a neat, modest, and appropriate manner not disruptive to the educational environment. Please be sure to check the handbook for the dress code policy. Students who are dressed inappropriately will be allowed to call home for a change of clothes and offered a change of clothing before a consequence is given. The academic environment of the school is enhanced when students come to school dressed appropriately for learning.


Support for Students

Administration and counselors will review students’ grades every three weeks. Students who are passing each class with a seventy or higher will be deemed “academically healthy”.  Those students will be permitted to choose an enrichment activity.  Students with more than one grade below a 70 will be placed in a guided study hall and may receive additional interventions which may include our after school Math Lab and  “Make It Right” program on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:00 PM.  Transportation will be provided for students attending after school programs.  


Celebrations of Excellence

We seek every opportunity to celebrate student success. Informal daily shouts are provided through our morning news show. More formally, every student is eligible to receive a Student of the Trimester Award by meeting the following criterion: a grade average above an 85, consistent attendance, regular completion of homework assignments and a demonstration of the school wide expectations as outlined in our CHMS ROCKS matrix.  Each year we induct new members into the CHMS chapter of the Junior National Honor Society. Incoming seventh grade students will be invited to apply for this prestigious organization in early Spring of the 2017-2018 school year. We celebrate students who exemplify our CHMS ROCKS matrix through their daily actions. These students are considered our ROCK Stars.

Middle School Seminar

In addition to the core academic curriculum, we understand twenty-first century skills play a significant role in student success. Administrators and school counselors will co-teach a course titled, Middle School Seminar to all grade seven students. The lessons will serve to strengthen work ethic, organizational skills and interpersonal skills.  Students will set goals and learn how to overcome obstacles that prohibit goal attainment. Engaging lessons will help students learn about emotional intelligence including stress and anger management as well as conflict resolution.   A more comprehensive scope and sequence will be sent home with the students on the first day of the course.


Important Dates

  • CHMS Open House September 11, 2017 at 6:00 PM

  • Parent School Association and School Governance Council - the second Wednesday every month
  • “Kick off the New Year Right” - Faculty student kickball game, Wednesday, September 27th 5:00


Community Partnership

It is our goal to work collaboratively with you for the next two years.  Please contact us with any concerns, questions or ideas.  We encourage all parents to participate in our parent school association and our governance council.  The first PTO meeting will be held on September 20th at 6:30 PM. We look forward to serving your children and creating an environment with a focus on a positive climate, rigorous academic standards and expectations, and a lifelong curiosity for learning.



Eileen Mezzo

City Hill Middle School Principal